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How to Buy

4 Easy Steps to buy car & Vehicle from Our Stock

Excellent Quality & Well Inspected Cars, Vans, Trucks, Buses & Construction Machinery available in stock ready to Export.

Step-1 Order

choose the vehicle you want to purchase. our car search engine will help you search through our inventory. you can also customize search depending on your requirement and preferences. detailed photos and specifications can be seen for each inventory.

Step-2 Make Payment

bank wire transfer (telegraphic transfer) available all customer should send money only to 3s japan inc co,ltd. beneficiary accounts in japan

Step-3 Shipment & Document

Once full payment is received we will immediately start export arrangements from earliest shipment available. All Required documents will be couriered to you or your agent a few days after ship leaves Japan to make sure that documents are received in time.

Step-4 Custom Clearance

Receive your vehicle at the Agreed Destination. You are required to clear vehicle(s) at the customs, usually through a clearing agent.

Step-5 Enjoy your ride!

Register your vehicle in locally and Enjoy your ride
Shipment & Documents