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3S is stand for bringing Safe, Satisfy and Success to all customer
3S Japan is a Japan based company which has been in the automobiles business since 2008. Our main business focus is to export used cars worldwide. We provide a complete suite of services to our valued customers at their fingertip starting from choosing the car through our website until the car is exported and delivered to their choice of destination. We value our patrons to a great extent and that’s why we handpick the cars which are in excellent condition for export. We do conduct meticulous inspections to ensure that the cars we selected are in tip top condition to be used on the roads.
We provide an end to end one stop service to our customers starting from invoicing, payments, shipping and other necessary paper work necessary for both in Singapore and also for the destination countries. Our strong business network enables us to carry out additional inspections from independent inspection companies such as EAA Inspection for Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia ATJ for Jamaica etc., depending on which country the car is exported to and also our customer’s necessities. That way we provide assurance to our customers, resulting in high satisfaction levels from them.

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